Pageant Play

About the Publication

Pageant Play, A Selection of Photographs, in a limited edition of 25, is available for purchase at $60, with each copy signed and numbered by the artist. It has been printed and bound by Conveyor Arts, in Jersey City, New Jersey, on an Indigo printer, as a 36-page, Smyth-sewn, perfect bound publication with a foil-stamped soft cover. It includes fifteen full-color illustrations, all of which are available as fine art prints, in limited editions of 5.

About the Series

The images presented here are from the series Pageant Play, 2014. The titles for the individual images are drawn from Theseus’s speech in Act 5, Scene 1 of Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. My aim was not to illustrate but rather to allude to this speech, which references the eternal conflict between imagination and reason. In this series the model wears costumes which I created that are based on those associated with pageantry, complete with garlands and sashes, and with a narrative implied through her gesture and motion. Within the theatre, there are standard “visual cues” in stage direction, which serve to move the narrative forward. My creative challenge was to create images that evoke a set of responses similar to those resulting from theatrical staging.

About the Artist

Over the past several years my creative practice has transitioned from painting to photography with my formal training as a painter informing my work in important ways. In my early experiments with photography I was shooting interiors primarily of 18th-century country houses in England. Two years ago I embarked on a collaborative project with a model to explore figurative imagery and narrative, which involved long exposures and carefully choreographed motion. At first, the work was a series of “short stories” shot on film. In late 2013, I purchased a medium-format digital camera, which changed literally everything in my studio. Color and composition have come to the fore, and these newest images have become almost entirely abstract. I am now, in many ways, painting with my camera.